.::Personal Requests::.

→ I accept paypal, and LiveJournal gift certificates.
→ All prices are in USD [paypal fees are not included].
→ Do not pay me until I confirm your order.
→ Only request 5 graphics at a time.
Always make sure the pixels are freeware. NEVER send me paid pixels (for ptb).
→ Real life comes first! I have a family, and I do go to university. Orders will only be made on the weekends.
→ Mail your order to ljobsession@gmail.com, with "PR - yourusername" as the subject line.
→ All sales are final, and no refunds will be given at any time.


→ .50 each.
→ $5 for 15.
→ form must be filled out for EACH blinkie you want, and completely.

.::Loved List Passes::.

→ 1 month-$4.00.
→ 3 month-$12.00.
→ 6 months-$20.00.
I sell yearly, and lifetime every now and again. Keep track of my personal community for updates.